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Our Management Team

Capt. Vikram

Senior Vice-President

Vikram is the Senior Vice-President of Risalas Sentinals Pvt. Ltd. of Companies. He along with a “ selected ” team having 20 to 30 years of experience in the Security Industry has been the driving and motivational force behind the meteoric rise and reach of the company.

Capt Vikram on getting his commission in 1974 was handpicked to join the oldest and most glorious regiment of the Indian Armoured Corps,” 7th LIGHT CAVALRY”. He had a very successful stint as a second in command in the insurgent and terrorist infested theaters of Mizoram and Srinagar where he operated hand in glove with the local civil administration and police thus further enhancing his in-depth knowledge in internal security.

On leaving the army, Capt Vikram served with the Oberoi Chain of Hotels as Chief Security Manager. He moved to Austria (Dornbirn) in Europe and was the Chief Manager for a period of 7 years of a 3 Star hotel in the Alps “ Hotel Garni Janner” which he consequently upgraded to a 4 Star. During this period he acquired and further cultivated all aspects and functioning of the Corporate world, which he has and continues to incorporate in the functioning of Risalas Sentinals.

His aim remains to provide professional and customized services of the highest caliber consistently and continue to set new standards in the Security Industry.

K.K. Ohri


Colonel K.K. Ohri is the CEO of RISALAS SENTINALS GROUP. He was commissioned in Garhwal Rifles, Infantry in 1970. He had a very successful tenure in the Army for long 35 years. He participated in 1971 War against Pakistan in Bangladesh.

After retirement from the ARMY, he served for long seven years as Dy. Director in a private Security Agency. Presently with the emphasis shifting to values and quality of service, it is mandatory for a service provider to implement several quality and personnel initiatives in an effort to consistently maintain Customer Satisfaction, there is a requirement to design a series of quality initiatives for continuous improvements.

A good initial training and regular refresher training is the only MANTARA of effective and efficient security.

MRS. Triveni Sharma


Mrs. Triveni Sharma is the Director of Risalas Sentinals Pvt. Ltd. She has 8 to 10 years of experience in Security Industry.

She is a post graduate and has vast experience in teaching. She was Principal of a Inter College at Moradabad. During her service in the School, she acquired in depth knowledge of all aspects of Security Human Resources and management. Also being a ‘C” Certificate NCC holder, she encouraged the students to join the NCC.

She is dedicated to the welfare of employees and emphasis on customer satisfaction. Her efforts to impart initial as well as on job training to its employees have brought very satisfactory results in achieving the customer satisfaction. She is also involved in various projects for the welfare of its employees such as financial help to the needy and various scholarships for the employees children.